Szaweł Płóciennik

Fete, Fate, Nosferatu

Longing for eternal sleep, for returning to a place where I have never been, seems to be the fate of an artistic journey to which I am doomed. For me, an elusive desire is an ephemeral myth, which, as the energy of potential, expresses extra-perceptive perception, fire consuming water, awareness of seeing of a blind man. The history of ancestors, the memory of the earth, that is pre-historic sources, the pre-pre-natal state (included in the potential possibility of existence as a living form) and the over-consciousness hidden in childhood – are the guarantors of the Fate clause. Pact signed by a man with death. Death is inevitable, just as the emergence of another entities more important to the world than the artist.

(born 1987)
Studies at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014–2019). Fields of artistic activity: painting, performance, graphic novels (e.g. Pinki, 2014; Papierowy rewolwer, 2016). Solo exhibitions: Z miłości do grzechu, Wystawa Art Gallery, Warsaw (2017); Nie odchodź albo zostań, Community Center in Piaseczno (2018); White flower, Galerie města Třince, Třinec (Czech Republic, 2019). Arts Award granted by the Masovian Regional Assembly (2018). Founder of the Open Experiment Laboratory Kaplica (2015–2019), curator of the project Oddział Przepiękny.