Kasia Głowacka


The starting point of my work are spaces – which have become an excuse for a deeper focus on emotions and their analysis through the use of abstract, white stripes in combination with actual photographs of these spaces.

I divided my piece into three segments: (1) stagnation – verticals, (2) slight stimulation – levels and (3) chaos – diagons. Each of these segments, although autonomous, is a coherent part of the whole. In this way – through the intensity, contrast, size and number of stripes relative to photography – a picture of emotional overstimulation typical of our time was developed. An important motif of this work is jazz music, because it was an meaningful inspiration thanks to the intuitive and emotional features of this genre. The division into photography and the emerging stripes refers to a known element of the musical form, the so-called call and response; the call in this case is photography, and the response is stripes.

(born 1995)
Studies at the Faculty of Sculpture (2014–2019). Rector’s scholarship for the best students of the Academy (2018/19). Fields of artistic activity: photography, video installation, graphic design and printmaking. Solo exhibition Spain, Balance cafe, Warsaw 2018. Internship at the Studio Theatre, Warsaw (2016–2017) and under the Erasmus+ programme at the Abside Marketing and Design graphic studio, Avilés (Spain, 2018).