Julia Marek

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a nine-figure sculpture group. The composition is made mainly of linden wood and steel scrap. It is an interpretation of the procession which in the Catholic Church is an important part of the feast of Day of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord – colloquially Corpus Christi. To a large extent, it is based on synthesis, it also has the features of a grotesque. In absolutely subjective expression I touch upon themes of the sacred and profane. I encourage recipients to make their own interpretations.

(born 1994)
Studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014–2019). Scholarship of the President of Lublin for very good results in art subjects (2011). Fields of artistic activity: sculpture, stage design, drawing. Internships at the Moja Marka art studio in Lublin (several times in the years 2017–2019) and at the theaters Lalka in Warsaw (2018) and Groteska in Krakow (2019). Participation in stage design and conservation works. Participant of numerous plein airs, competitions and workshops, also international ones.