Julia Filińska

Set design for the film Dunkelsprung based on the novel by Leonie Swann

Studies is a time for artistic search and risk taking, which you often cannot afford in professional work. The time of development of my degree piece was extremely inspiring for me and certainly shaped my view of the set design as art, but also as a craft. I undertook to design a space for a novel that combines the magical world with the real one, fantastic creatures with people, magic with everyday life. While working on the degree project, my imagination all the time clashed with the reality of building studio decorations or work on the set. As a result, a feasible project was created, but above all one that allowed me to play with convention, form, colour and gave vent to my creativity.

(born 1996)
Studied at the Faculty of Stage Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014–2019). During her studies, she made several dozen theatre and film etudes in cooperation with students of the Academy of Theatre in Warsaw and the Warsaw Film School. Stage designer in the independent company Potem-o-tem (since 2016). Productions and films with her designs have been shown at many festivals, including Camerimage in Bydgoszcz, Young Directors’ Forum in Krakow or the Thalia National Festival of Comedy in Tarnów.