Adriana Bitterman

Nomad – Wanderer

Nomad is an attempt of personal record of the journey both in the literal sense (multiple changes of residence: USA, Thailand, Israel) and the internal pilgrimage that accompanied it. Cultural, linguistic and religious diversity somehow provoked me to find the basic “human module” above these differences. In my work, I gave it the form of a cube – as one of the simplest geometric forms that allows the modular construction of countless, variable structures. The settings of this form are arbitrary, each setting is good – depending on the space, light, emotions or temperament of the viewer. The creative and executive process was also a journey: the subjugation of thought and matter – as organic as wood. Devoting it time and attention, hearing its own voice and not giving it figurative narrative.

(born 1967)
Studies at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014–2019). Fields of artistic activity: sculpture, painting, ceramics, graphic arts, photography, installation.