Oliwia Thomas


Drinking tap water is becoming increasingly popular, but this does not translate into the domestic market for bottled water, which is growing every year. In 2001, about 37 litres of water were produced for each inhabitant of Poland, in 2019 this number tripled and is already about 120 litres. This year’s revenues of the bottled water sector will reach nearly PLN 5,400 billion. Installation from plastic bottles, among others Żywiec Zdrój (Danone), Kropla Beskidu (Coca-Cola), Nałęczowianka (Nestlé) presents annual consumption per person.

The degree piece was presented in the Oligocene water intake in Na Książęcem Park in Warsaw.

(born 1992)
Studied at the Faculty of Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2017–2019). She effectively reacts in situations when the environment is destroyed, using visual language and combining it with activism. Group exhibitions: VideoNews review, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin (2017, 2018); W Polsce nie ma faszyzmu, Powszechny Theatre, Warsaw (2019); Hestia Artistic Journey competition (2019); Ewa Partum, Moja galeria jest ideą, Studio Gallery, Warsaw (2019), Fala dźwięku 60, Białobrzegi (2019). She collaborated with the Raster gallery and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, TRAFO in Szczecin.