Klaudia Klimka-Bartczak

Stage and costume design for fantasy opera The Tales of Hoffmann

The Tales of Hoffmann to the music by Jacques Offenbach is a fantasy opera in 5 acts based on the stories of an extraordinary author and precursor of horror fantasy – Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann. Fascinated by one of the more mysterious writers of the early nineteenth century, I present a world full of secrets, passions, parody, desire and anxiety. The opera allows to delve into the inner life of the protagonist, whom we accompany in an oneiric journey to the past – from Nuremberg through Munich to Venice. In my interpretation, the story touches upon the darkest secrets of the human soul. Forms, textures, shapes, colours and meanings are given to a group of singularities, which together with dynamic changes in the scenery build and fill the fantastic internal world of E.T.A. Hoffmann.

(born 1992)
Studies at the Faculty of Interior Design (first-cycle 2011–2015) and Faculty of Stage Design (second-cycle 2015–2019) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Scholarships from the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts (2015–2019) and Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2017/18). Works in interior, stage and costume design. She collaborated with with the Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra, the Polish Chamber Choir, with Warsaw-based theatres Ateneum and Collegium Nobilium, and with WFDiF, among others.