Karolina Szlupowicz


“Heimlich” in German means everything that is familiar and safe. In my work, I wanted to bring the atmosphere of incredibleness which consists in turning “heimlich” into “unheimlich”. A black dress is seemingly practical and ordinary. However, if any element of what is familiar does not fit the puzzle – e.g. dress train is much too big – we experience anxiety. Another disturbing event is breaking the bodily barriers – the viewer must step on my dress, hurting me in some way. I, on the other hand, touch the participants with my own sculptures that are supposed to bring to mind bones coming out of my arms. The viewer is drawn into a poignant spectacle, during which the hidden comes to the surface.

(born 1992)
Studies: Warsaw Film School (2014–17); Institute of Art History at the University of Warsaw (since 2016); Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2017–2019). Scholarship under the Erasmus+ programme. Fields of artistic activity: sculpture, graphic arts, performance, video. Internships at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta (2017), at Innovator as a graphic designer (2018), Wunderkammern art gallery in Milan (2019).