Karolina Lizurej

Issues of conservation and restoration of wedding memoirs from the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw – two decorative folk-style frames painted on glass and three painted photography backdrops

In my artistic work I have taken up the subject of wedding for years and I wanted to carry out a degree piece related to it. I was looking forartefacts expressing a commemoration of the wedding ceremony and I enthusiastically accepted the possibility of maintaining glass-painted frames and photography backdrops. The artefacts captivated me with simplicity and honesty of expression, while the complex conservation issues encouraged me to take up the challenge. Work on my degree piece became extremely satisfying and significantly broadened my knowledge in the field of conservation and specificity of folk art.

(born 1990)
Studies: Faculty of Painting (long-cycle 2009–2014, third-cycle 2014–2018) and Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art (long-cycle 2012–2019) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Works in artistic textiles, painting, drawing and illustration. Conservation work in churches: St. John the Baptist in Międzyrzecz (2015) – (also restoration of) wall paintings (sixteenth century); St. Philip and Jacob in Skomlin (2016 and 2017) – wooden walls, altar and altar sculptures. Solo exhibitions, Embroidery. Karolina Lizurej, Polish Institute in Bratislava and And I embroider you love, DOK Ursynów, Warsaw in 2019, among others. Awards and prizes in art competitions.