Kamil Niedziałek

Pregnant male

Pregnant male is an intermedia performance combining elements of body art, choreography, sound and video art. Its aim is to create, through artistic means, a space of speculation about the male perspective of awaiting a child, having children, responsibility for them, as well as male gentleness, creative power and agency.

(born 1987)
Studies: Polish philology and cultural studies at the University of Warsaw (2006–2012), Faculty of Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2016–2019). Scholarship of the President of Siedlce for poetry. He works in performance, video, music and literature. Debut album with experimental music Gwiazda rubieży (2016). Numerous concerts. Participant of many group exhibitions. Performances, including Pregnant male, FMA Academy in Warsaw (2019); Kuwada, UMFC, Warsaw (2018); Dziękuję, FMA Academy in Warsaw (2018); Poruszyciel, UMFC, Warsaw and FMA Academy in Warsaw (2017).