Ewelina Oszczypała

Information for people from all around the world

The first impulse to create my collection was the moment when I saw a note from Mr. Mieczysław attached to a pole at the metro station Świętokrzyska in Warsaw, starting with the words: “Information for people from all over the world”. These words inspired me to look for people who have something to convey to the world. I wanted to create a collection of virtual characters that exist in the space of the Internet, take on a second life on the screens of phones and computers. At the same time, they are the carrier of my personal manifesto, which, when widespread, can reach an unlimited number of people. My entire collection is an action that after being introduced to the network, will exist forever.

(born 1994)
Studied at the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014–2019). Participant of a group exhibition
There is no love, Salon Akademii Gallery, Warsaw (2019). Stylist’s assistant in advertising campaigns for Reserved, Sandra Kpodonou, Epuzer.