Ewa Pęszkal

I always look for inspiration among the simplest couplings, that is among contrasts. Very often in my artistic or design explorations I try to combine two superficial contradictions into a harmonious whole.

I decided to design furniture with a durable, stable structure made of seemingly unstable material, associated with disposability, ugliness and dullness, and because the collision of an abstract design idea with the actual material and its limitations is the most interesting and valuable experience, therefore, as a designer and constructor by passion, I took the challenge to test a common material under uncommon conditions.

In addition, my propensity for DIY, construction and playing with form made me design a series of geometric solids with the function of furniture, while observation and awareness of the current market situation inspired me to take up the topic related to eco furniture, which is why I made my degree piece of corrugated board.

(born 1994)
Studies at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014–2019). Fields of artistic activity: design and manual work – drawing, painting, handicrafts. Solo exhibition: KRES(ka) człowieka, Autonomia gallery, Warsaw (2017). Internship at the Expostyl design studio. Work at design studios in Warsaw – Interio Nolte Küchen in Domoteka and NOWY MOTYW, Adam Orlewicz/exhibitions, currently at Universal Display Solutions.