Anna Vostruchovaitė


The point of departure for my objects is the penetration of the physical and virtual space in which we move. The arrangement of the modules and their fragmentary nature determine the perception and movement within a flat space of screen for whom the concept of emptiness is foreign. Treating the form in screen mode means that the space in which the objects are embedded is not a background, but a kind of medium.

So we can say that it is the visual layer and the accompanying processes (shifts, scrolling, selection, etc.) that generate content – and not the other way round.

(born 1995)
Studies at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014–2019). Fields of artistic activity: painting, installation, printmaking and wall painting. Solo exhibitions: Painting, Autonomia Gallery, Warsaw (2018); Shift, Nowe Miejsce, Warsaw (2019). Selected group exhibitions: Summer break and Wihajster freiheit swallow =, Salon Akademii Gallery, Warsaw (2017 and 2018).