Aleksandra Wiechowska

Atlantis. Memory of Paradise Lost

My print is a total image. Creating it, I imagined an all-encompassing, overpowering and unnamed space. Its purpose is to immerse the recipient and transfer them to a state of longing, because by yearning we realise that what surrounds us – people, work or study – is not the only reality of our existence. “We might just as well analyse the images suddenly released by any sort of music, sometimes by the most sentimental song; and we should find that these images express the nostalgia for a mythicised past transformed into an archetype, and that this ‘past’ signifies not only regrets for a vanished time but countless other meanings; it expresses all that might have been but was not, the sadness of all existence, which is only by ceasing to be something else; regrets that one does not live in the country or in the times evoked by the song (…) – in short, the longing for something altogether different from the present instant; something in fact inaccessible or irretrievably lost: ‘Paradise’ itself” (Mircea Eliade, Images and Symbols, tr. Philip Mairet, Sheed Andrews and McMeel, Kansas City 1961, pp. 16–17).

I made it because the essence of my message is that every human being has a soul and every soul carries the memory of times beyond history, the memory of Paradise Lost.

(born 1994)
Studies at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2013–2019). Works in printmaking and painting. Solo exhibition of prints and paintings, Patio Kredytowa 9, Warsaw (2017). Third-degree Jerzy Warchałowski Prize founded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs for prints intended for display at Polish diplomatic posts (2015).