Aksana Maria Wietrow

The STALK • Expo object on the Vistula river

I designed STALK, an exhibition pavilion on the Vistula river, for a man who lives in the culture of innovation. It is a place to display solutions that change our world for the better – promoting sustainable design, biomimetics and related concepts. I located the object on the Vistula near the Łazienkowski Bridge in Warsaw. I used materials and design assumptions from the broadly understood construction industry (land, water and air) in an original way. Its rounded form refers to the search for optimal shapes that take into account aerodynamics, buoyancy, and stability. My main motivation was cosmic perspective. The object encourages reflection on human identity through the prism of the universe. The concept is a fusion design, art, science and ideas.

(born 1990)
Studies: Faculty Tourism and Recreation of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw (first-cycle 2009–2012); Faculty of Christian Philosophy at the Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw (long-cycle 2010–2015); Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (first-cycle 2013–2017; second-cycle 2017–2019); Falmouth University under the Erasmus+ programme (2016). Works in interior design and painting. Solo exhibition: BATIKS, Gallery Plus, New York (2009). Group exhibitions, including: Tkanka miejsc 2.0, Lutheraneum, Warsaw (2016); Emotions and reflection, Puławska Art Gallery, Puławy (2017). Interior designer at Tuoconcept (2017–2018). Intern at Framework Studio in Amsterdam (2019–2020).